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Health, wellness, spirituality, personal development. Our courses and product range are diverse and unique. 



Contentment comes from BEing yourself - defining 'success' and 'personal growth' on your terms. 

Whether you are a student or a teacher, we can help.



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Our Ethos

The answers are in you, not out there. The age of gurus has passed. All roads lead within! 

Society's current paradigm of personal development heavily emphasizes a particular conception of achievement and worldly success. Our global social, environmental, and economic problems will NOT be solved by a culture that favours external accomplishments over inner healing.

The foundation of lasting personal success and achievement is the cultivation of love and compassion, beginning with healing what's inside each of us, then extending that outwards.

Be who you are. 


Online Courses

At Plan Be, we give you the resources to cultivate your relationship to your inner teachers, guides, and wisdom - however you conceive of it. Be it via essential oils, or with a neuro-linguistic process, with Reiki, meditation or crystal healing. We value diversity of offerings, and more than one approach and teacher, so that you can follow your own road within as you feel guided.

We also have a commitment to helping practitioners of healing modalities grow independent businesses.


As a member, you can share your learning with like-minded individuals, and join forces for initiatives to bring about change, from coordinated meditations, to acts of service collectively focused on projects for causes we believe in.

What might YOU contribute to Plan Be?

Read here to find out more.



Check out some of our courses in multiple modalities

From chakras and intuition to marketing for practitioners, and global outreach (see top menu for ALL courses).




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