6 Indications the Energetics of Your Body Could Be Stopping You Achieving Your Goals (Checklist)

If you’re feeling frustrated because you really, really desire something in your life and no matter what you do, it’s just not manifesting, then it might be time to look at your body’s energetic alignment. Be it money or love you envision for yourself, a new car or a new career, or even a deeper spiritual connection —clearing and aligning your chakras to your heart’s desire can supercharge your ability to manifest.

Here are 6 common indications that your energetic body could use some re-tuning in order to support bringing your vision to life:


  1. You don’t have clarity on your goals.


No, really. It’s so incredibly common to think we know what we want, but when we start to look at our lives, at ourselves, we begin to see that there are competing desires muddying the waters.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that you want to move to a new home because you need more space. Yet, nothing is working out. There isn’t enough money for the move, or there are no homes available in the neighborhood that you want.

What else may be happening here?

As it may turn out, underneath that desire for a bigger home, you have a longing to be in nature. You want out of the city. And beneath that desire, there is a very real fear that you wouldn’t be able to find a great school for the kids in the country, or a new job. Indeed, you’ve only been considering homes in neighborhoods close to your kids’ school. Moreover, you have a deep belief that you should be happy just staying put, because that’s what everyone else is doing.

In other words, you don’t have clarity on your true desires, and so you send mixed messages out to the Universe, and get back…no results. This scenario happens with every conceivable human desire, from love, to money, from wanting a new car, to wanting a total career change.

The heart chakra holds on to past grievances, to fear, to social scripts. When you clear the heart chakra and align yourself with the purity of the energy of desire, you are able to identify what you actually want, which makes the process of bringing it into reality a whole lot easier.

[More below on how to clear it!]


  1. You don’t feel safe and secure; i.e. you don’t have the support you need in order to take the required steps towards your goal.


Whether you need emotional safety (maybe you are in an abusive relationship) or material safety (you really need more savings to make your dream come true), or you need the support of friends and family in order to make a big dream happen – your vision for yourself requires that you feel supported.

Your base chakra has a great deal to say about this, and challenges in this area can result in digestive/elimination issues, anxiety, and lower back pain. By clearing the base chakra, you can release fears and concerns and infuse yourself with foundational support energy. You can then identify the kind of support you need in order to move forward, and align that with the energy of your heart’s desire


  1. You are not being playful about your goals.


Seriously, the energy of creation is playful, fun, and spontaneous. It moves through your body, through your thoughts, emotions, and into form riding a wave of joy.

I mean, yes, you can build something in life through humorless dedication and hard work, but there will not be the same flow, nor the same outcome. If you are approaching your goals with a heavy heart and utmost seriousness, you are bound to create roadblocks.


Heaviness begets heaviness. Joy creates flow.


For example, if you really, really desire a new relationship, but approach it with the attitude, “I’m so sad and lonely” – what kind of relationship do you think results from that? Quite possibly that energy brings in a desperate relationship, a needy one, or a partner who wants to save you, rather than see you.

How about your fitness goals? How much more motivating is it to find activity that you find fun, rather than slog away at the treadmill feeling miserable?

Clearing the sacral chakra is about removing energetic patterns that limit how freely and joyfully you can tap into a child’s exuberant style of playing. When you clear the sacral chakra, you are then able to tap into how you experience creativity, spontaneity, and fun, and you can then take that energy and supercharge your goals with joy and flow.


  1. You lack the self-confidence and self-trust to take the steps out there in the world that you know you need to take in order to make it happen.


Are you two steps forward and one step back? Do you often feel you need to get others to do things for you, or become dependent on their support because you just feel unsettled confronting it alone?

Solar plexus blockages or imbalances can come from a variety of sources, from early life experiences which sapped our confidence, to fears about being successful in the world. The thing is, freeing yourself from this is not always about understanding. Logic and understanding are great, but they don’t necessarily create change.


Clearing the solar plexus chakra can be as simple as releasing the psoas (a muscle), or resolving gut issues. Yet, when it comes to personal power, we require other ducks to be in a row, too. We need to be safe, and secure as we embark on goal-setting (base chakra). We need to be able to approach our goals with playfulness and fun (sacral chakra) – because how much more confident do you think you would be if your every step towards your goals were taken in a way that brings you joy?


This is all to say that part of clearing and aligning the solar plexus chakra involves allowing the flow of energy from other energy centres to come in and support you on your journey! Together, this makes the space for solid self-confidence to appear and drive you forward fearlessly.


  1. You don’t know your truth in the situation or you do know it, but you’re not living


What do you stand for? What are your values? The circumstances of our lives reflect what we hold to be true, and what message we wish to speak to the world via how we live our lives.


So often, when you are not seeing the results you want in life, it’s time to look at how you are expressing your truth. The throat chakra is all about what you are comfortable expressing, what you stop yourself from expressing, and how you listen to others and discern their truth from yours.


If your truth is a bottom line such as, “I absolutely will only love the person who loves me back,” yet you are tolerating a scenario in which you are unloved, it’s time to release your throat chakra and LIVE your truth.


If your truth is that you believe children should have more freedom, choice and play in their day, but you are working in an establishment which is strict and regimented, you can imagine the outcome in your life if you are trying to change your career.


Crucially, there is no right or wrong here — there is just the truth that comes from who YOU are, and what YOU hold to be right for yourself.


In our throat chakra we hold energetic patterns of restraint, of fear, of being shut down and talked over. When you release your throat chakra you will be better able to identify your truth, own it, and watch it transform your lived experience.


  1. You are not hearing the guidance of Spirit or your Soul.


Your soul may have a slightly different vision for you than your ‘personality’ or ego self. It’s not that you don’t have the free choice to have a goal and then achieve it, it’s just that your soul wants growth for you, an evolution in consciousness, whereas your ego generally wants things that line up with societal expectations or family patterns.

Sometimes, even our wounding causes us to aim for things we wouldn’t otherwise strive towards (i.e. we want to ‘teach someone a lesson’ or ‘prove to others that we are worthy’).

What does this mean in practicality? It means, for one thing, that you might encounter tension or roadblocks on your way, as your ego butts up against your higher guidance. Procrastination, for example, is often the only way our soul can get our attention so as to prevent us from going down a road that is not in our best interests!

Yes, when you are clear on your heart’s desires, you will experience a smoother road ahead. But, it is the job of the third eye chakra to keep your vision open to higher guidance, so that every experience you choose offers you the most learning, the most growth. It is here in the third eye chakra that you are able to see, hear, and feel (depending on your individual perception) what your Soul wants for you.

When you cleanse, release, and align your third eye chakra, you are able to hear your highest guidance, and stay on track whilst being in alignment with your soul’s goals. This means greater clarity, and a more tuned in and empowering journey.


chakra blockages

What is this chakra clearing shenanigans?


The energy centres in the human body are real, and intimately interwoven with our physical body, our organs, glands, and even our emotional body. Honestly, our complexity, our blocks, and our gifts—all of it—exist on multiple levels. There is no one right way to clear yourself and come into powerful alignment with your Vision. However, the chakras offer powerful organizing points on the body and can assist you enormously.

Example: Releasing the psoas muscle in your abdominal area can clear your solar plexus chakra from trauma and fear. Upon release, you might feel pain, or a burst of emotion, even an image or a memory, and then you might notice peace, softness and flow here.

Example: Softening the muscles around the hips can release your sacral chakra of whatever blocks your joy and spontaneity. Upon release, you might notice anger, pain, sadness, or even memories. Then, you might notice there is softness, flow, or no sensation/emotion at all! Yet, the results can begin to appear in your life.

When you combine physical release with mantras, meditation, visualisation practices, and action steps in the world, there can be magic. Your entire self (energetically, emotionally, physically) can shift into alignment, so that you have clarity and your goals have focus!

Yes, it’s really possible to achieve. This checklist is a good start, and hopefully has got you thinking. If you’re committed to making that thing happen in your life (you know what it is J), I suggest going through the checklist again, one by one, and taking notes. Really notice what comes up for you, and see if you have any insights. Believe it or not, you are actually beginning to clear your energy centres this way.


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