membership manifesto


somatic trainingSomatic Approach. We deeply value the wisdom of the body, and how it experiences the world emotionally, energetically, and relationally. The ego is of the mind, but Truth, wordless and peaceful, does not think or reason. Thus we want, with all that we do, to help you be more present in this temporary vehicle of the body. It is here, especially in the heart, that great healing can occur.

The Other. We don’t neglect the “Other” – the indefinable, non-religious presence that some call God, Consciousness, or the Divine, which is tied to spirituality, or the sense that there is more than what is presented. Thus, without naming it, defining it, or being prescriptive about it, we teach how to work with your experience of this energy/presence in yourselves, and in others, for growth, connection, and healing. This specifically touches on helping you practice what is normally referred to as “spiritual care” of others.

Sexuality. We don’t neglect sexuality, which is often swept under the carpet in modern therapeutic work, but which is a direct path to self-love, healing, and consciousness-expansion. 

Diversity of Offerings. We love to bring you skills and processes that you may not have heard about, and are always on the lookout for new ways of seeing/experiencing/being. The diversity of modalities is wondrous. Openness to new ways and means of being/healing/loving is the key to being a brilliant practitioner or carer.

Community. We love all practitioners and carers, of any and all modalities and practices, for walking the path of service to others. We value and champion those who are genuinely on the path to Truth. We wish to support all of you to be better, feel better, and to connect to each other for mutual support and community.

Helping Healers Thrive. We want practitioners to thrive doing what they love, and offering their gifts to the world. Thus, we include plenty of courses and support for practitioners building their practices.

Global Vision. We in the caring/healing industry are uniquely able to make a difference in the world. We only need some information, skills, and a gathering place to pool our collective energy. From supporting Mother Earth energetically, to one day, tangible projects, this is part of our evolving journey. Stay tuned!