[CASE STUDY] How Nicole hit her personal goals in 8 weeks with chakra clearing.

Let’s start with the body rather than the energy body, because when we don’t fit it all together, it just …Read More

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Base Chakra: How to get the support you need

Do you have a heart’s desire but nothing’s happening? Maybe you are lacking support. Here’s how to get it. One …Read More

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The heart chakra & conflicting desires

I get it. When you have a vision for your life, it seems obvious that the first step is to …Read More

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6 Indications the Energetics of Your Body Could Be Stopping You Achieving Your Goals (Checklist)

If you’re feeling frustrated because you really, really desire something in your life and no matter what you do, it’s …Read More

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Embrace the ordinary

How the drive to become extraordinary is taking over personal development (and excluding so-called ‘ordinary’ people) The human potential movement …Read More

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Pushing boundaries to grow

Ask yourself this: What are you willing to do differently in your life, if change meant growth? What part of …Read More

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