[CASE STUDY] The case for chakra clearing: How one woman conquered her fears of being unloveable AND got her wellness business off the ground.

Let’s start with the body rather than the energy body, because when we don’t fit it all together, it just doesn’t hold true. The physical body, the energetic body [chakras and aura], the emotional body – they are all interrelated.

You CAN’T SEPARATE them from one another.

Not to mention, some people are ‘energetically sensitive’ and feel energy. Others don’t, and physical release is more powerful for them.

Back to Nicole [I’m changing some details to protect her privacy, because this work is intensely personal stuff, and this is not her photo, also to protect privacy].


When Nicole first started working with me as a client she REALLY wanted two things:

  • a loving partner

  • to start a travel business running wellness retreats

She had already tried counseling, life coaching, energy healing, homeopathy, did regular meditation, and had a vision board.

She is one self-aware woman! You know the kind – maybe you are this woman (or a self-aware man)! Nicole knew herself. She knew how her past had shaped her. She understood some of her unhelpful beliefs that were sabotaging her (that men couldn’t love her; that other people could start businesses, but not her).

So what gives?

It’s not enough to have clarity about WHY your body holds onto unhelpful patterns and beliefs, unless you are able to release them.

In Nicole’s case, there were two main patterns at play:

Feeling loveable in relation to romantic partners, and self-confidence in relation to being able to ‘go it alone’ career-wise.

Let me step them out for you, and explain how Nicole’s BODY (physical and energetic) was holding those patterns, and how she managed to release them.


Feeling loveable in relation to romantic partners.

This is the domain of the heart chakra. We can look to her childhood pattern for clarity, (her relationship with her father, who was cold and emotionally unavailable). However more tangibly, no matter how much Nicole ‘got it’ in her mind, her body still held onto grief and resentment.

These feelings were NOT at the surface; they were not in the least present in her day to day experience. But her body remembered them well (I go into great detail about how this happens in my book, Finding Your Bliss).

Grief and resentment are held particularly in the chest area (where the heart chakra is located). We can feel extremely vulnerable here when we open our chest with certain poses (such as lying backwards over an exercise ball, or lying on the edge of a bed with our head hanging off).

The truth is, we rarely allow ourselves to be fully present in our bodies, focusing on a particular body area, especially. When we start to bring attention to our bodies, with the intention of releasing what is held, and we do certain poses, movements, and mantras, we are able to release what is held/stuck/blocking us, without the analysis, without reason, just by being present and ALLOWING for release to happen. (Yes, very often our minds get in the way).

Nicole came up with a mantra that for her spoke to what she really wanted in her heart, and she used that as she did three different bodily poses in a recurring session for 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week. Then, with some meditation for integration, she re-aligned her heart centre, so that it could resonate with a new reality: forgiveness and self-love.


Self-confidence in relation to being able to ‘go it alone’ career-wise.

This is typical solar plexus stuff, our ‘gut,’ our ability to believe in what we want, and take action to make it happen. So much in life can affect our self-confidence, from early experiences we interpret as indicating we are ‘not good enough’ to trauma that saps our energy for being in the world.

In Nicole’s case, there was not a single identifiable experience that was the ‘source.’ This is SO IMPORTANT, because our minds so often want to know WHY? And yet, rather than focus on why, we are sometimes better off focusing on ‘how can I get to a new belief or energy?’

The Solar plexus area asks the question, “How would I do things differently if I knew I couldn’t fail?” The answer to that question formed part of a positive mantra that Nicole used for her body release. With that mantra, she worked with the physical and energetic properties of her abdominal area (where we are known to store trauma, as well as personal power). Using a few body movements and poses, and practicing deep presence in this area, Nicole had the felt experience of “softening” in her solar plexus area over the week during which she worked with it.

Sometimes, there are no bells and whistles, no fireworks, no sign of shifting other than softness in the body, and a subtle sense of flow over time.

Yet, within 8 weeks of working through her energetic body, Nicole felt invigorated, and quietly confident. She had booked a resort in Bali to run a retreat, and felt very much at peace about dating – no longer experiencing neediness or an anticipatory sense of imminent rejection!

It’s only been a couple of months, and everything is on track. Yes, Nicole is meeting her goals, and although there is much further to go, she feels vastly more at peace in herself on this journey.

chakra blockages
Are you holding onto ways of doing things that are not serving you?

If you’re not having the results you want in love, business, fitness – basically whatever, perhaps consider how you are holding on to ways of being and doing that aren’t serving you.

Not as easy as it sounds right? I mean, where to begin?

It’s hard because so many unhelpful habits and thought patterns are unconscious. After all, If we knew a belief was sabotaging us, we wouldn’t do it!

It’s not like we go around saying “Oh I have a deep belief that love is just too much work so I sabotage good relationships as a matter of habit. Now I will stop believing it’s hard work!”


“I’m going to stop believing making money takes me away from my kids and thereby make a fortune.”

It’s hard because change requires, well, changing not just beliefs, but how we do things. How we “do” relationships, how we “do” making money. But how we do things is a habit … at the level of neurological pathways, and at the level of energetic patterns and our vibration.

The body learns how to do things in life by following well-worn paths, including how we respond to things and the pattern of behaviour that follows.

The energetic system – the chakras – they learn, too, what kind of frequencies to hold onto and how.
chakra healing

What releases them? 




Energetic clearing

Meditation and integration

The energetics of the chakras can give you brilliant insight into how your body is storing patterns that hold you back, and this is why I like to inform people about what kinds of questions they should be asking themselves before we even get into bodywork, movement, mantras, and poses!

Want to learn more?

To find out more about all 6 Chakras, read my blog 6 Indications that the Energetics of Your Body Could Be Stopping You Achieving Your Goals.

If you want to learn more about my 6 Week Chakra Challenge, so that you can get started clearing your chakras and aligning them to your deepest desires, click the image below.

Chakra Healing


*Special thanks to Nicole for letting me share her story xx


October 15, 2017

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