chakra healing



[CASE STUDY] The case for chakra clearing: How one woman conquered her fears of being unloveable AND got her wellness business off the ground.

Let’s start with the body rather than the energy body, because when we don’t fit it all together, it just …

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5 Signs Your Base Chakra Needs Support and What to Do About It

Do you have a heart’s desire but nothing’s happening? Maybe you are lacking support. Here’s how to get it. One …

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The heart chakra & conflicting desires

I get it. When you have a vision for your life, it seems obvious that the first step is to …

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6 Indications the Energetics of Your Body Could Be Stopping You Achieving Your Goals (Checklist)

If you’re feeling frustrated because you really, really desire something in your life and no matter what you do, it’s …

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