create a courseWant to contribute to Plan Be?

(and earn money from it?)

Are you a practitioner in a healing modality with something to offer, and would you like to host it here and earn money?

Great! Just be in touch, but read this first.

What we value.

We value humility; we value heart-centred people who really, genuinely work from a place of love and Oneness.

I could choose to make money only from practitioners and teachers who have big [customer] lists and lots of web traffic, because that means your clients/followers can buy from my site and make me cash. There are many online events which ONLY invite people to be presenters if they have big lists, of 5000 people or more, and it doesn’t matter if these presenters are vibrating with loving awareness or if they don’t have a lot of therapeutically talented, heart-centred mojo, or even experience, just a lot of marketing and list-building mojo.

Not us. I don’t care if you have 2 followers or 20,000. I don’t care if no one knows you but your lovely grandma, who gratefully receives your Reiki treatment every week followed by a cuppa and a lamington (I am in Australia). Nope. I care about what you have to offer, and who you are as a human being, and what heart you bring to your work.

I personally help you with your course or offering, too, because I believe in getting not just good, but great, genuine people on board!

Your Commission

If you are hosting your course on the Plan Be website, you receive 90% of the course price. Occasionally I promote courses and products hosted elsewhere, with Plan Be as an affiliate, so in that case those percentages vary depending on the affiliate commission rates.

More questions? Email support HERE