Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Chakra ChallengeFREE 01:00:00
For those new to ‘somatic’ or ‘body-based’ transformation work 00:20:00
Week 1: Heart Chakra
Introduction to the Heart Chakra 01:00:00
Releasing the Heart 01:00:00
Meditation for the Heart 00:20:00
Processes for the Heart 01:00:00
Week 2: Base Chakra
Introduction to the Base Chakra 00:20:00
Releasing the Base 01:00:00
Meditation for the Base 00:20:00
Processes for the Base 01:00:00
Week 3: Sacral Chakra
Introduction to the Sacral Chakra 00:20:00
Releasing the Sacral 01:00:00
In Case You’ve Experienced Trauma 00:20:00
Meditation for the Sacral 00:20:00
Processes for the Sacral 01:00:00
Week 4: Solar Plexus Chakra
Introduction to the Solar Plexus Chakra 00:20:00
Releasing the Solar Plexus 01:00:00
Meditation for the Solar Plexus 00:20:00
Processes for the Solar Plexus 00:30:00
Week 5: Throat Chakra
Introduction to the Throat Chakra 00:20:00
Releasing the Throat 01:00:00
Meditation for the Throat 00:20:00
Processes for the Throat 01:00:00
Week 6: Third Eye Chakra
Introduction to the Third Eye Chakra 00:20:00
Releasing the Third Eye 01:00:00
Meditation for the Third Eye 00:20:00
Processes for the Third Eye 01:00:00
BONUS Week 7: Crown Chakra
Introduction to the Crown Chakra 00:20:00
Releasing the Crown 00:45:00
Meditation for the Crown 00:20:00
Processes for the Crown 00:30:00
Conclusion & Bonus!
Your Final Chakra Worksheet 00:05:00
Want to become a member of Plan Be? 00:00:00