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26 Lectures

4 hours of learning video + workbook and pdf notes

How can you massively cultivate and grow your intuitive abilities so that you feel connected to something greater, AND have access to wisdom in your day to day work? 

And how can you do this without feeling drained by others’ needs and issues, and in a way that helps you offer deeper spiritual care?

As practitioners working in healing modalities, or those in caring professions (from nursing to aged care, to disability care and more), even as parents caregiving to our children, we are in a unique position in that we experience profound things in our day to day life. BIG issues like struggle, transformation, grief, illness, birth, death, and more. 

We have access to human experiences that touch upon something more – call it spirituality, God, or Presence. We often have a ‘sixth sense’ about things, perhaps even direct information or inexplicable experiences.

Yet, the nature of our work is such that we can feel drained, overwhelmed, and not always sure how to give our best to others and still care for ourselves.

This course helps you cultivate your intuition, even medical intuition, but in a way that keeps you safe, nurtured, and protected from others’ energies and the ‘stuff’ you’d rather not take home. You will also learn how to offer spiritual care and healing.

In cultivating heart-centred intuition, you will understand the nature of spiritual care, as well as healing via presence alone, and offer it to others regardless of their beliefs, or yours. 

This course is much needed in the healing/caring professions. You are the angels of the earth plane, helping and healing others, and this course is all about giving YOU more, so that you can continue to connect with others from a place of strength and joy.


“A truly insightful seminar that will leave a permanent impression upon me. It is one of those rare courses that can actually change your life. The presentation itself was highly articulate, easy to follow, logical and delivered with an authenticity that I found to be inspiring. I thoroughly recommend this course.” – Ian Luscombe on Udemy

Excellent course – really worth it for any human care practitioners who want some self improvement… looking forward to the rest of the course!” – Paul Kay on Udemy

Great content and presentation.” – Dennis Thurston on Udemy

I like her presentation and knowledge of her material. I also like her point of view.” – Cheryl Loudon on Udemy

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