In this short course, I cover two key aspects of building a successful business as a healer: 1. releasing the psychic wound of the healer archetype, and 2. removing money blocks.

Working as a practitioner, helping clients, is different to many other kinds of work in that your own personal and spiritual development are critical components of the professional experience.

Very often, ‘healers’ (broadly speaking, regardless of their modality), come to their work from a direct experience of pain or struggle. This open-hearted motivation to help others nonetheless requires the continuous cultivation of self-development and the healing of one’s own internal wounding.

Of course, practitioners need mentors, a support network, and a regular practice of doing their own healing/cleansing/’shadow work’.

Yet, a much neglected aspect of establishing a strong foundation in a healing profession is releasing genetic and/or karmic wounds around the inner ‘healer’ archetype. 

You may want to read my blog mentioning the practical steps to growing a thriving healing business, and specifically the bit on the psychic wound.

A second much neglected aspect of creating a thriving healing business, is removing the specific money blocks that go with working in service to others.

This short course gives you practical information and concrete steps and processes (including worksheets) to do just that.

Created by Michelle Dixon, founder of Plan Be.

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