This is an introductory course that goes over core concepts and the basics of starting a healing business. It’s a great way to gain an overview.

This introductory marketing course is hosted on Udemy with lifetime access. When you click “Take this course” you get a 20% off discount off Udemy’s retail price of US$125.

49 Lectures

5.5 hours of learning videos

More about the instructor, Michelle Dixon

I’ve worked in alternative practice as a solopreneur for years (as a coach, bodyworker, alternative healer), working from home, and sometimes in clinics, as well as traveling and giving workshops at a variety of venues. I have also had a freelance writing and website creation/SEO business. I understand firsthand how hard it can be to grow a business when your business is heart-centred therapeutic work. I also get how having an online presence and building marketing around your online work is instrumental in creating a business that can be both local and global.

No doubt about it: there are special considerations if you are in a healing profession as a practitioner. It is NOT the case that marketing is a one-size-fits-all proposition.

As someone (you!) who wants to do healing/helping/bodywork for a living, so much of your business is about branding YOU, as the wonderful, unique practitioner you are. This makes our kind of work fundamentally different from the kind of marketing you need for a group practice, a local pizza shop, and so on.

Marketing yourself is increasingly online, increasingly competitive, and increasingly technical. You may not consider yourself a technical person, but you can do it, because I am making it very simple. I am so, so passionate about helping healers get their names and their work out there! I want to see you angels with genuine gifts and compassion have the same awesome websites and marketing techniques as other businesses. You can DO this!

And let’s face it, being a practitioner is not, at least immediately, a hugely lucrative field! I see lots of very expensive marketing courses out there for practitioners and healers which promise the earth and cost thousands. You probably can’t afford this if you’re starting out, so I wanted to create something hugely valuable, for those who really need it, that costs very little. I spent years studying and teaching myself all this stuff, and now I want to offer it to you, so that you practitioners can do what you do best, help others!


“Michelle Dixon is an expert in the delicate science of marketing for practitioners, and well a a very clear and authentic individual. I’ve been studying marketing for 20 years, and quite a bit of the information out there is frankly pretty creepy and out of integrity. This course is the total opposite of that: Michelle gives her honest opinion about a wide range of marketing paths and actually discourages people from doing to much and going down the rabbit hole. This is just what the healing community needs.” – Laurel Brauns on Udemy

“Michelle is a fabulous teacher! I loved this course as it has guided me step by step to market my services properly. As an Energy Healer and Shamanic practitioner, it’s not easy to find a down-to-Earth and at the same time Intuitively connected person to work on… marketing! Thank you, Michelle! The videos, notes and worksheets are very clear and helpful, and it’s easy to apply what you teach in this course! Finally… a great Marketing course for Practitioners! I highly recommend this course to all Healers! Namaste.” – Claudia Boymouchakian on Udemy

Well, I’ve only just started, but so far I’ve got a lot out of the branding section. It’s really helped me think about who I am  what I want to be uniquely and to project in my work. Michelle is easy to follow and the worksheets are helpful.” – Anne Marie Thomas on Udemy

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