A package of three 1.5 hour personalized healing & coaching sessions plus a 3-part webinar series. This series is designed to help you help yourself on an ongoing basis with emotional processing, releasing your past, working with your thoughts and beliefs specifically about feeling empowered going forward, and goal and vision setting.

Who is this program for?

◈ You’re feeling stuck – you want to change your life, but you aren’t sure how – be it in your relationship, your career, your parenting, or in general.

◈You’ve survived a crisis or trauma, have recovered from the worst of it (maybe you’re out of rehab), but you wonder what’s next, and how to move forward.

◈ You’ve tried life coaching, but it’s just not happening for you the way you want, and you don’t know why.

◈ You feel disempowered, and are ready to change.

What This Program Includes

Three sessions of personalised coaching (1.5 hours each) with a trained coach, structured to determine what is holding you back and how exactly you can move forward in life.

A 3-part webinar series in which you learn how the body processes and stores trauma and stress, how to deal with triggers, how to deepen your somatic awareness, and put into place ongoing mindfulness practices.



4 Reasons this one-of-a-kind program could change your life:


#1 We use a unique somatic approach. This is the only program that integrates a somatic (bodywork based) approach with other mind-body processes. The body holds emotion, trauma, and memory and you MUST work with it in order to move forward.


#2 You learn to work effectively with your emotions, integrating powerful techniques from the contemplative traditions (like Buddhism). We are the only empowerment program to integrate emotional processing alongside positive thinking and goal setting/ manifestation. This is a critical foundation for lasting empowerment.


#3 It’s personal! Unlike in most other programs sold online, in the  empowerment program you get personalised 1-1 sessions. In addition to four 1.5 hour individual consults, you participate in a jam-packed three part webinar series, meeting like-minded people for life-changing training.


#4  You will be trained in strategies you can use on your own going forward long after this program ends! Learn to self-regulate your emotional processes, change your habits, and create the life you want.

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