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Membership of Plan Be site

[If you are practicing in a healing modality, the membership program is ‘Build Your Healing Business’ – a separate program.]

Membership is free for all and just requires an email registration and password creation. Members receive exclusive access to members’ only courses and processes in a dedicated members’ area.

*Some courses on the site do remain paid.

Accessing Member’s Area

When you are a member, you can access the members’ areas which is a drop-down off the main menu listing “Membership.” All monthly processes and offerings are placed in here. You will also be notified by email when there is something new!

One page is for Member’s Monthly Processes and the other is discounts on products and services for members, found here. Obviously if you are not a member, you can’t see the content of those pages.

Members’ Monthly Offerings

Members’ only offerings are short, practical, and immediately implementable, so that you can try something new NOW.

Offerings are in audio or visual format, with accompanying documents for info or worksheets. Our offerings are part of your personalized learning classroom that you have access to anytime that suits you.

When you join, and visit the monthly processes page, you have access to everything that has gone before, the entire library, AND you get something new as often as we can have it produced.


For now our forum is on Facebook, for members only. This is a place to share your journeys and learnings, network, and more. When you join, you will be added to this forum.

For practitioners and teachers

If you want to offer something on Plan Be, please visit this page Offer Your Course.

For a guaranteed opportunity to learn how to create, edit, and then place your offerings for sale on Plan Be, join our program for healing practitioners, ‘Build Your Healing Business’.