The ONE thing that’s really holding you back in your healing career


Specifically, not taking the time to understand all the possible models for generating income as a healer-practitioner, and instead feeling overwhelmed and doing nothing (head in the sand), or spending a LOT of money doing something that may not be right.

I know, you want more clients, more income, and there are a zillion promises ‘out there’ of making money with workshops, or webinars or retreats, each with a thousand dollar price tag and promises of income for doing stuff that  … let’s face it, you may not want to do!

Maybe you MOST love seeing clients 1:1, getting that feeling you have when you connect in vulnerability, when there is a shift, and the client leaves feeling better.

Surely, that is enough? Just more of it, please.

Or else, you may love clients, but are still wondering, “what else can I do to take my skills and knowledge and generate an income?”

I hear you. That was my situation for years. And I forked out loads of money on marketing products trying to find THE way, when I really just needed to find MY way.

Finding YOUR way through all the ways

The thing is, there are a thousand ways to take your healing skills and make money. But there is only one YOU. And you are unique. You just need to understand a bit more about the lay of the land, all of the options and exactly what they are about, and how your healing knowledge and skills fit into it.

So often, I see practitioners rush in and pay thousands to do niche-business model courses before really taking the time to understand what they each involve, and how suitable each model is for the practitioner’s therapeutic skills, personality, and  unique branding. I see practitioners invest a lot of money in a model that they don’t pursue, and end up in the same place, just poorer.

Start simple. Figure out who you are, and your unique gift, and choose the business model that suits you right now. Business models can evolve, just like you, just like your clients! Once you understand what each model entails, and how you can make it work for your business, then you can really go for it and do advanced training. At that point, it may well be the best investment ever!

Who ARE you as a practitioner?

What is your specialty?
What makes you different from others who are skilled in your modality?
What most excites you about your work?
What is the thing that people see you for, especially if you have a bunch of tools in your toolkit – what’s the most popular reason you get booked?
When clients thank you, what are they commenting on about you?

healer marketingSome people are just naturally wonderful 1:1 practitioners, who can handle anything, who shine in their gifts, and genuinely delight in working with individuals one at a time. They are some of the most brilliant people, ever. I would be devastated if my own go-to practitioner told me she was cutting down on seeing clients because she wanted to focus on webinars or retreats. She does something few people can do, and I want her gifts out there all week long.

Does that sound like you?

Or are you a natural teacher (think: online video courses, audio processes, public talks, workshops, or webinars).

crystal healing job

Do you connect to products that support your healing? (think: e-commerce, selling crystals or homeopathic remedies or essential oils or supplements in your clinic).

Do you love digital challenges, like editing your website, email lists, tracking sales, and so on? (think: affiliate marketing, list-building).

There really is something for everyone.

But, you have to find out who you are, and what your options are, and start exploring.

One of my favourite practitioners is clairvoyant crystal healer Jessika Davis. In addition to seeing clients 1:1 internationally, Jessica has an Etsy shop selling crystals, an online FB community, sells DoTerra oils, and gives workshops on a variety of topics. She works with her passions, and her gifts and personality focus her undertakings and infuse her offerings with a consistent energy. Her branding is on-point – “Energy Mover & Shaker” encompasses all that she is! This collection of revenue-generating activities is Jessica’s holistic business model.

What about you?

What might YOU do if you took the time to work out who you are, what you uniquely offer, and what models you could use to monetize that?

You don’t have to be out of integrity, use sales techniques that feel icky, learn tech you don’t want to learn because someone told you that the only way to make money is online.

Before you grow your business, grow yourself first.

Without a solid foundation of knowing WHO you are, and what your options are for bringing in clients and customers, it’s hard to grow and scale your business.

You CAN take your existing business model, and double-triple-quadruple the numbers of people/products sold, and thus exponentially increase your revenue, once you have that solid foundation.

facebook ads for practitionersFacebook advertising is an amazing, powerful way to drive traffic and customers/clients to you, but you have to know who your customers are, and have enough of them to advertise to, first.

Then, with techniques like re-targeting your website visitors and client list, you can let people know what you’re up to, sharing news, workshops products that you are passionate about, to an audience who cares, and will buy even more!

content marketing holistic careerThe same is true with many more advanced forms of digital marketing. Take content marketing, like boosting (paying for the distribution of) one of your blogs on Taboola or Outbrain. Or placing pay-per-click ads with Google Adwords. Or, finding strong partners in your niche you can align with for cross-promotion.

Such techniques are not beyond you, as practitioners, they just require a foundation, and some training.

But most of all, they require you to get your business buzzing, and that means … figure out who you are, and the most suitable business model to work with.

It starts with you.

When I say it starts with you, of course there are many areas to start off with. For example, a really important thing to do is to look at your inner healer archetype, and start to heal any unhealed psychic inheritance, which I mention in my blog on 8 steps to making the money you want being a healer.

Creating a solid foundation as a practitioner also requires some discipline around branding and identity, and how you are conveying that, both energetically, and strategically.

Time is important, and often overlooked – take your time to see clients, to host events, and most importantly, to learn from the experience of being yourself, and how you ‘do’ being a practitioner!

Investigate all the different options for making money as a healer BEFORE forking out thousands and joining specific, niched-down training groups.

Get serious about the business of being a practitioner, be open to possibility, embrace your inner healer, remove your money blocks, and the world will reflect back to you all of the wondrous ways in which you can have the income you deserve, whilst also bringing your beautiful work to the world.

About the Author

Michelle Dixon is the founder of Plan Be and a practitioner in several modalities who has successfully created healing businesses with a few different models. She is also a top rated Udemy instructor and the creator of the course “Marketing For Practitioners” (access discount by clicking HERE), as well as a mini-course on healing the inner healer archetype: “Healing the Inner Healer Archetype.”



December 12, 2017

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