5 Signs Your Base Chakra Needs Support and What to Do About It

Do you have a heart’s desire but nothing’s happening? Maybe you are lacking support. Here’s how to get it.

One of the most fundamental stumbling blocks we overlook when we go about goal setting is the degree to which we feel supported. By support I mean anything from emotional support, to material support. It might be:

  • having the emotional support of a loved one (your partner, your family)
  • having the savings you need to invest in your dream
  • having time off from work in order to focus on achieving your goal
  • having the support of robust health and fitness
  • having your own back (i.e. believing in yourself!)
  • having physical safety (in cases of abuse)


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Think about it, how can you really get started manifesting your goals and bringing your vision to life, if you don’t feel supported? Having no support is like having legs without feet; a car without wheels; a plane without wings. When we lack the support we need, it feels like stalemate. Nothing happens, or it happens all….too….slowly…..


These are concerns of the base chakra


The base chakra, located in the area of the perineum, is an energy centre that keeps us grounded and connected to the earth, to our bodies, and to our sense of safety and security in the world. When we lack the support we need, we can feel ungrounded and unsafe, which destabilizes the base chakra and can lead to conditions like anxiety, problems in the colon (constipation and/or haemorrhoids), lower bowels, lower back, bladder, or prostate.

5 Signs your base chakra needs support

  1. You feel unsafe in your environment, either physically or emotionally, and thus you experience an all-pervasive underlying sense of anxiousness;
  2. You are always worried about money: from how to pay bills, to when the next payment will come;
  3. You suffer problems with constipation, or hemorrhoids, diarrhea, or chronic lower back pain;
  4. You often feel that you just do not have the support you should have from family, or friends, or colleagues;
  5. You feel there is no way out of your situation, and are often tempted to ‘give up’ (whatever that means specifically for you, ranging from quitting a job, to having suicidal thoughts).

Victim Consciousness

Base chakra problems originate in a ‘Victim’ consciousness. By ‘Victim’ I mean the archetype – the person who always feels under attack, unfairly treated, hard done by, who never takes responsibility for his/her life, and blames others or outside circumstances/events.

You may or may not have a victim consciousness, but we have all indulged in self-pity from time to time, and why not! It’s perfectly normal! The danger comes, of course, in perceiving oneself as a chronic victim of circumstance. The Victim embraces a state of feeling unsupported, as opposed to embracing a state of always taking full responsibility and looking for ways to help oneself.  This does not mean denying the roles of others or of circumstance, nor refusing to see unfairness and call a spade a spade. Rather, it means choosing to embrace the energy of: “I am supported and empowered in myself.”


The Victim says:

This person or situation did this to me, and now I’m stuck, without support, feeling awful, and I can’t do anything about it.

The Hero or Heroine says:

Bad stuff happened. I don’t have the support I need, but I’m not going to put my energy into blame and self-pity. Instead, I will ask, “what support do I need to get it done?” and “How and where can I find that support?”

hero of the journey


How Victim Consciousness Emerges


There can be no doubt that terrible things happen to people which are beyond their control, from death, rape, and disease to bullying, job loss, and more – not to mention lesser forms of upset which are, nonetheless, very painful.

At all times, those who suffer deserve our compassion and assistance, whenever possible. Yet, sometimes, it can get out of control and more is required. Too often, early cases of trauma (in childhood) result in a person’s internalized framing of the world as being ‘against them.’ Thereafter, it seems, calamity after calamity befalls them. Or, if not calamity, such people will constantly see themselves as victims of even the most mundane events. The constant refrain of ‘this unjust thing happened to me’ becomes like a mantra which over time, appears to others as either tragic bad luck, or paranoid suspicion.


Here’s what to do if you feel you lack the support you need:

As is written in The Course in Miracles, it’s important to realize that: “I am not a victim of the world I see.” At every stage we have choice in our perception. We have choice in how we respond to everything that happens.

First, if in danger, get out.

If you are in physical danger, such as in an abusive situation, leave immediately. Stay with a friend, at a shelter, contact a local church, or a family member you trust. Don’t wait. The time to feel safe is now. Only when you feel safe can you begin to put into action a plan to get more support you need – such as work, a place to live, and then to get your life goals off the ground.

Second, have compassion for yourself

Life is hard, and it’s important to acknowledge your own suffering, your own stuckness, how you feel that ‘it’s not fair.’ By ignoring this emotional truth, you abandon yourself, and what is simply an emotional reaction can become a way of being (Victimhood)! So be loving and compassionate towards yourself.

Third, trust that you have divine support

Your higher self, your Soul, only wants your growth and joy. When you surrender to this truth, you are able to trust that no matter how hard the path may feel, it’s taking you somewhere wonderful. It’s time to start trusting that all you need can be provided to you, from yourself and from Source.

AND, it’s time for you to realize that you are powerful in yourself, and you are able to make things happen when you put your mind to it.

Fourth, practice gratitude

You can cultivate trust by practicing gratitude for what you have. When you recognize the grace your life already bestows upon you, you open yourself to trusting Spirit, and you thus are able to feel more secure. What great things/situations in life do you already have – even if what you have is no more than the desire for change?

All manifestation begins with the strong intention to see your goal become reality, and that is something many people don’t actually have! So if you have that, you already have something to be grateful for.

What have you learned from hardship?

What do you know now, that you didn’t know before?

Allow what is hard to fuel your determination for growth and success.


Aligning your base chakra to your heart’s desire


When you are feeling stuck, think of your goal and/or your vision for your life, and ask yourself, “what kind of support do I need first in order to make this happen?” Begin with the most urgent support (safety, security), and make a list all the way down to the most specific support (childcare on Tuesdays).

Now, begin to take the necessary steps in order to get the support you need – even if that support is ‘believing in yourself’! When you ask the questions of the Universe, the answers will come. Congratulations on taking this important step of backing yourself and being prepared to get the support you need.

To find out more about all 6 Chakras

Read my blog 6 Indications that the Energetics of Your Body Could Be Stopping You Achieving Your Goals.

If you want to do more, such as powerfully releasing your base chakra from residual fear, anxiety, or Victim consciousness, as well as using mantras and meditations to align it with your heart’s desire, check out our 6 Week Chakra Challenge.

May you find the support you need!


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October 15, 2017

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