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Unlimited Access to 6 Week Chakra Challenge

6 video lectures, 3 hours of learning, workbook & more

Unlimited Access to Udemy Course: Develop Your Intuition

26 video lectures, 4 hours of learning

Unlimited Access to Udemy Course: Marketing for Healers

49 video lectures, 5.5 hours of learning, workbook and more

Transformational Manual + Ebook, Finding Your Bliss: Awakening Through the Body

100 + pages, loads of insight into the scientific, spiritual, and somatic connection between the body, healing, and spirituality

Membership to our Private Facebook Group for support, sharing & announcements

Whether you are a practitioner, or an individual on a healing journey!

Webinars throughout the year on global healing initiatives, new skills and processes for your growth, and much more

Includes healing processes for global initiatives, as well as continuing education

Monthly processes or a course on a members only page

Emailed monthly, links to members only page with a monthly process or course that is simple, effective, and which you can implement immediately – delivered in video/audio/pdfs on topics ranging from therapeutic processes to marketing/business development for healers.

The opportunity for YOU to create an online course for us and make money from it!

Yes! You can share your skills with others and earn money by selling it on the Plan Be website!

Cost is AUD$120 (USD$88) up front and then AUD$10 (USD$7) per month. This works out as $20 per month for your first year of membership and includes all those bonus courses.

For Second and subsequent years membership is only $10 per month forever!

This means your first year is AUD$240 (USD $176), for courses and a book which alone are worth AUD $347, and on top of that you get a forum, webinars, and monthly courses. And your second and subsequent year will never be more than AUD $120 (or $10 per month).

*Cancel anytime after your 12 month membership is up!


The price for membership is $120.00 now and then $10.00 per Month.

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  • after 12 months, the purchaser can cancel the monthly debit at any time, at which point they cease being a member and lose access to courses and offerings on the website, with the exception of those purchased separately from membership;
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