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Whether it's crystals, mindfulness, Reiki, essential oils, or Ascension teachings, we aim to help you form a strong relationship with your inner teacher and to give you options for healing and growth that are right for YOU and can also complement your work healing others. Our courses help you do things like:


inner wisdom

cope with difficulty

healing skills

When you become a member with Plan Be, you join a community of individuals who are doing more than watching and listening to others speak of mystical and Divine truths. You are actively engaging in learning to develop your inner wisdom.


Annual Unlimited Membership Includes:


You get members only access to a monthly course or process delivered to your inbox. 

No searching, no trawling through the internet looking for quality information. We source excellent teachers who offer heart-centred skills, therapeutic processes, and tools for your growth and learning. Simple to grasp and easy to implement, they can be immediately incorporated into your toolkit for yourself, or for your clients if you are a practitioner. Upcoming monthly offerings include using essential oils, crystals, and more as complementary tools for healing yourself and others.


Chakra Healing

Unlimited Access to 6 Week Chakra Challenge

6+ video lectures, 3 hours of learning, workbook, meditations recordings

Awaken in spirit, thrive in the world! More than just a cleanse and release, this course is about getting you on track to create the life you want. Using the chakras as organizing structures and locations in the body, this course works through layers of the physical, etheric and emotional bodies to help you reach your full potential. Value: AUD$97


develop your intuition

Unlimited Access to Udemy Course: Develop Your Intuition

26 video lectures, 4 hours of learning

How can you massively cultivate and grow your intuitive abilities so that you feel connected to something greater, AND have access to wisdom in your day to day work? This course helps you learn how you can do this without feeling drained by others’ needs and issues, and also teaches you how to offer deeper spiritual care to others. Value US$125


marketing course

Unlimited Access to Udemy Course: Marketing for Healers

49 video lectures, 5.5 hours of learning, workbook and more

Marketing yourself is increasingly online, increasingly competitive, and increasingly technical. Even if you have a brick and mortar business seeing clients, you need to know how to find them! In this course you will get an overview of all the ways a healing practitioner can expand business, from workshops to webinars, to website and branding and beyond. You can DO this! Value US$125


finding your bliss

Transformational Manual + Ebook, Finding Your Bliss: Awakening Through the Body

100 + pages, loads of insight into the scientific, spiritual, and somatic connection between the body, healing, and spirituality. Find out exactly how the body stores emotion and trauma, and how the energetic system works with the physical to release held emotion and memory, including via de-armouring. This book also explains how these processes relate to 'growth' and the awakening experience, and provides some transformational exercises and processes to help you at home. Value AUD $24.95


practitioner forum

Membership to our Private Facebook Group for support, sharing & announcements

Whether you are a practitioner, or an individual on a healing journey!


Webinars throughout the year supporting your journey and helping you help others better.

Our webinars aim to support your journey with vibration-raising processes, insights, and tools for growth. They also includes healing processes for global initiatives.


members discounts

Members only discounts on a range of products and services offered by our members' community (from crystals to Skype healing sessions).

Part of our ethos of supporting practitioners in building their businesses, this is an awesome chance for members to get a great deal on a healing or therapeutic product, and a chance for our practitioners to get their names out and earn money for their offerings!


course learn to heal

The opportunity for YOU to create an online course for us and make money from it!

Yes! You can share your skills with others and earn money by selling it on the Plan Be website!



All this for only $20 per month for your first year of membership. This is billed as $120 up front, then $10 per month after. In your second and subsequent years membership with all its benefits remains just $10 a month, forever!

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FREE Workbook: Clear Your Chakras
Learn the secrets of your energetic body and seriously get started releasing what you're holding & focusing on making your vision for yourself happen! JOIN 1000+ OTHERS who have used these methods to success in 1-1 coaching, workshops & retreats! Plan Be founder and top rated Udemy instructor & personal development coach Michelle Dixon gets you started transforming today.