Build Your Healing Business: A Step by Step Course



You are qualified (or training in) an alternative healing modality.

Maybe you’re a … crystal healer, Reiki practitioner, do alternative bodywork like de-armouring or kinesiology, are an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, an acupuncturist, hypnotherapist, spiritual counsellor, psychic/clairvoyant, spiritual healer, or have some expertise in something like this …

So, why are you not building your business in this, and offering your much-needed services to the world?

I hear you. Not enough money, clients, don’t know how to create a business that WORKS (i.e. creates income).

Let me ask you… how seriously do you take yourself as healing professional?

And … do you understand how much the world NEEDS your offerings?

Lots of change is happening on Mama Earth, and most of it unsettling. People are waking up to their soul’s presence, and this means they are waking up to their need to heal. But not just any old healing! I’m talking about healing that helps detach Shadow/Ego, however you call it – healing that helps free the soul, and create PEACE.

You, my fellow lightworkers, are just the people to make it happen.

Check out the curriculum on the tab above, and find out all the amazing things you will learn, from aligning energetically with your goal, to figuring out your personal revenue structure and business type, setting up a website, promoting, online marketing, and much more!

Google+ Private Community Forum

Here we have a separate discussion group for EACH MONTH’S LESSONS. This means that you get ongoing support and company as you go, and can be part of something special. Here is the link, and don’t worry, once you enrol, our support team will send you the invite.

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