The heart chakra & conflicting desires

I get it. When you have a vision for your life, it seems obvious that the first step is to take action.

But, this is not always the case. First, it’s important to be clear on your desire, and that may mean clearing the heart chakra from past grievances and conflicting ideas of what you ‘should’ do or think you want to do. When you’re clear, you’re in alignment, actions flow, and the world responds. When there is internal conflict or mixed messages, you will very likely encounter roadblocks.


Heart Energy

Very often in chakra healing programs, there is a progression from the Base chakra upwards to the Crown, as a matter of tradition. But why is this so? Yes, there seems to be a lot of agreement that in terms of children, the chakras are activated and matured one by one, beginning at the root or base chakra. But, I beg to differ!

In human embryos, the heart begins to beat at about 22-23 days, with blood flow beginning in the 4th week. The heart is therefore one of the earliest functioning organs. It is, I dare say, the very first chakra that is activated. The heart is the middle point, with the three ‘spiritual’ chakras above, and the three ‘earthly’ chakras below. It is the fulcrum of the Divine, the meeting point of where our origins in Divinity meet the ignition of life in human form.

Thus, we begin here.

In terms of its energetic qualities, the heart chakra speaks to your capacity to love others and receive love. Love in this chakra is unconditional, and involves, as a necessity, compassion. I like to think of the heart chakra as the door of our entire energetic body. To the extent that we are compassionate and forgiving, we swing the door wide open to love and be loved, and in so doing to experience bliss. When we experience emotional pain, we close the door and maybe just open it a crack the next time, out of fear.

Yet, to live life with our full power, we need to keep the door open wide enough to love and be loved, and thus be connected to all. If this door is open and cleansed, we can then energetically be aligned with our highest good and then go about grounding ourselves and manifesting our desires in our other chakras. When we are open and clear here, we perceive intuitive messages more clearly and we have the gift of knowing, absolutely, what we desire!

When you let go of past hurts, you are able to give and receive love fully. Just as important, you are able to know what you REALLY DESIRE FROM THE HEART.

This is so important that I’m tempted to keep writing in all caps, but that would be very annoying! So please take note:

Whether you have a desire that is about your career, your finances, your love life, your health or fitness, you need free your heart of past grievances in order to remove any conflicting desires and be able to identify what you want clearly enough that the universe responds!

Case Study: How this heart chakra business works in practice

Take my client Louise (not her real name, but she is definitely real and in Australia). She desperately wanted a new love relationship. When I first asked her what she wanted, she was very clear. However, as we talked about it some more, it turned out that she had not forgiven her ex.

The energy of her heart’s desire for love was laboring under the weight of resentment and grief.

And, more importantly, she wasn’t able to clearly articulate what she was prepared to accept in her next relationship, because her desire for a new relationship was basically a reaction against what she’d had.

Think about it: Saying “I want a loving, committed, connected relationship,” is quite different from saying, “I want what he didn’t give me.”

The energy of the latter is a contraction, “a turning away from,” rather than an “opening towards.”

Plus, there was a lot of pressure in Louise’s life to ‘find a good man,’ and ‘settle down.’ It’s so hard to come into heartfelt truth with all that!


chakra healing


Clearing the heart chakra means releasing the past. Forgiveness is key here.

Long story short, Louise managed to clear her heart, to forgive the past, and in that space discovered that what her heart really desired was greater self-love, first. She was able to clearly identify her true desire which was: healing herself.

I didn’t hear from her for a year, and then, out of the blue, she wrote to say that she’d met a lovely man, and was embarking on her newest heart’s desire, which was a healthy relationship with him.

Your career. Your finances. Your fitness goals.

It doesn’t matter what your goal is. The heart chakra is a master container for past grievances, and a master at muddying the waters of clarity. How can you discern the difference between what you think you want, and what society or your family expects, and how can you make sure there is no conflict?

Have you ever had the experience of someone looking you in the eyes and saying, “What do you really desire?” And then hearing those words as if for the first time?

If you could have anything you desired, really what would you say?

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October 15, 2017

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