Watch my video below to learn the EXACT steps I use to create a healing business that generates income within 6 months. 

Strategy + Soul.

It's time to build your career in a healing modality using your intuitive skills AND advanced marketing strategies. 






When you make a living in a healing profession, you help not just yourself, but the many people who deeply desire to make sense of their lives and struggles at a soul level.

I invite you to download this pdf document with notes on my marketing strategy talk now, for free, with NO opt in required!

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What's been holding you back from pursuing your career in a healing modality?

You have time.

All you need to do is one step each month, and this monthly training program gives you plenty of time and support to do each step, even in your spare time.

You have community support.

Our closed community forum has separate discussion groups for each month's training, so that you can get support & have connection at every stage. 

You receive clear, simple action steps

I have taken all the complicated work out of the process of creating your business. Each step is simple, logical, and I give you the exact resources you need to do it.

Watch this video to see how easy it is!

Join our community, access the course online, get one Lesson per month, with loads of information, templates, and worksheets. Then, hop on over to our Forum to chat with others who are doing the same thing. AND I will be on there to help out! Watch this video to see EXACTLY how it works .....>
 6 Months to A Business
-> Learn how to establish the energetic foundations for success by following my step by step process for healing the one psychic wound all healers have
-> Remove blocks to abundance and customer/client flow
-> Implement the Fulcrum Formula to organize your offerings and branding around one irresistible drawcard
-> Discover what successful branding means for a practitioner, and how to get what you need set up FAST (logo, website, promotional material & more)
-> Use my business model cheat sheet to see all the different ways a practitioner can earn income, and then build a strategy that fits YOUR skills and inclinations
-> Decide on the business model that suits YOUR skills, gifts, temperament & financial goals (Clients, workshops, webinars, products, affiliate marketing, etc.)
-> Create QUALITY and UNIQUE collateral (Show your clients your talent with ebooks, videos, audios, distance healing, etc.)
-> Market yourself with integrity and for being of true service to others - Spread the Word YOUR way
-> Create a website, payment and calendar automation, set up an email list, and much more

Months 6+ Level Up!
-> Advanced Advertising
-> Partnerships [massively increase bookings/sales]
-> Advanced visioning & energetic tricks for success
-> Advanced online & in person techniques for massive business growth
-> Mastermind community group with ongoing monthly training & suppor
-> BONUS Marketing & Sales opportunity! If you complete 12 months with this program I will promote you on Academy Plan Be, AND you can put your therapeutic offering (course, videos, audio) up for sale and we will promote it!


Let me take the hard work out of it for you!

Follow my steps, and you have a massive chance for success on YOUR terms.

Private Forum on Google+
-> Each month's lesson has its own forum so that you have support from me & your peers as you go!
-> Meet other practitioners like you from all over the world, for support & friendship. We healer types need to stick together xx


What is this kind of training worth?

After all, you get hours and hours of video training, plus audio meditations / visualisations, downloadable worksheets to create a business plan, plus countless other resources, NOT TO MENTION a live community for support and my ongoing contribution in the Google+ group of impromptu training videos, group meditations for our collective success and more....

What does it actually cost?

No, it doesn't cost thousands like many other courses out there. After all, you're not corporate bankers! I WANT this to be affordable for you.

$1 for a one week trial, and you can KEEP the first month's materials forever.

Then, $37 per month. Of course you can cancel anytime, which means no risk!

Imagine the cost of a diploma or community course.

For just $1 you get the entire first month's training in your 7 day trial.

Even if you cancel, you get to KEEP the first month's training forever.

About the instructor, Michelle Dixon

Hi everyone! I'm the founder of Plan Be Academy of Somatic Practice. I've been a holistic practitioner for many years (I first studied energy healing 16 years ago!)  
I have tried it all, and successfully used several business models for my healing practice (clients, workshops, online). From the energetic foundations, techniques to allow for abundance, to the practical organization of a business and marketing - I show you my method, ALL I know, step by step.
My training & background:

Energy healing (2001), Ph.D. Economics (2002); Hypnotherapy; Life Coaching; Neuro-linguistic programming; De-armouring (from a Tantric/Shamanic tradition); Myofascial massage & craniosacral therapy; Biodynamic Cranial Touch; Founder of Plan Be, Founder of Kindred Global Mentorship, and Founder/Practitioner at Energetic Healing & Bodywork Australia


Michelle is a gentle, caring, empathetic and powerful energy healer. I have been working with her for a couple of years now and she has gently guided me to excellent results, not only on physical and emotional level, but also when coaching me for my service/business. She uses a variety of tools to help me step in the Present, heal and let go of the Past and visualise and work on my Future. She has the gift to help others from a place of love, understanding and clarity! Claudia Boymouchakian, Clairvoyant & Angel Healer at

Michelle Dixon is an expert in the delicate science of marketing for practitioners, and well as a very clear and authentic individual. I've been studying marketing for 20 years, and quite a bit of the information out there is frankly pretty creepy and out of integrity. This course is the total opposite of that: Michelle gives her honest opinion about a wide range of marketing paths and actually discourages people from doing too much and going down the rabbit hole. This is just what the healing community needs. Laurel Brauns, on Udemy course "Marketing for Healers."

Michelle offers an amazing value in her workshops. Her passion for the work and a caring and patient approach to the participants make for a beautifully enriching and heart opening experience for everybody present. I recommend her to all my friends! Helena Nista -Tantra teacher & sexuality coach

The world needs lightworkers like you.

Women, men, any & all genders! When you join our community, you will see that there are many of us like you, who want to be of service, but also be compensated for our offerings. There are so many of us with skills like crystal healing, Reiki, hypnotherapy, intuitive readings, spiritual healing, emotional freedom technique, kinesiology, aromatherapy, alternative bodywork for healing, naturopathy, and more. We can't wait to meet and connect!

Plan Be Academy of Somatic Practice

At a computer in Sydney, Australia & Worldwide on the Web


transformation self-esteem

What makes our community different? 

We FOLLOW our own truths. We EMBRACE the healer within. And, we KNOW that focusing on marketing strategies without paying attention to energy, intention and soul is NOT enough to build a career in a healing modality. We are in service to others, and we do things OUR way.