Awaken in spirit, thrive in the world! More than just a cleanse and release, this course is about getting you on track to create the life you want. Using the chakras as organizing structures and locations in the body, this course works through layers of the physical, etheric and emotional bodies to release held patterns (emotions, memories, habitual ways of being) that hold you back from your full potential. In addition to the important experience of release, this 6 week program helps you:

    • Connect to your intuition
    • Identify your soul goals & passions
    • Supercharge your motivation
    • Fire up your goal setting
    • Empower you to manifest a more fully soul-driven life

Inner Gurus, Inner Wisdom

Michelle is an intuitive by practice and dedication rather than a clairvoyant by birth. A healer and teacher by vocation, she is committed to helping her clients and students get in touch with their own inner teacher.

There is no guru, no spiritual teacher, no scientific method that is higher or more powerful than the teacher for Truth which resides in each and every one of us. You never walk alone, and the key to your unfolding is to meet, befriend, and develop a relationship with your own inner teacher.

Once you strengthen this connection, and connect to your trusting wisdom, you will be drawn to many teachings and methods on your own personal path of unfolding. You have everything you need inside you, and this course helps you clear what can be cleared, so that you can get started on the journey of a lifetime with your most essential  higher self.

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