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Qoya is a bit like yoga, meditation and dancing in your living room with girlfriends all rolled into one. There’s time to rest, to dance, to sweat, to laugh, to pray, to meditate and to be in community with women. But the movement practice can also be used individually to check in with what’s present for you. If you have a question about life, Qoya is a great way to get closer to what feels true for you.

Getting Unstuck Qoya Ritual

This is a Quoya movement ritual to help you get unstuck and find flow. Qoya is a movement practice that is based on the idea that through movement we remember; and we remember that our essence is wise, wild and free. This short video class is going to help you remove any obstacles in your vision, in your project. You will identify the next best step for you, to discover what might emerge.

If it peaks your curiosity – even slightly – give it a try.

It’s like coming home to yourself, in a deep and joyful way. Try a class or if on your own, ask a question you have, put in your headphones, hit Shuffle on your music and dance to whatever comes up for 3 songs. Write down any observations or messages that come forward and be curious about where they take you next.

Jill Lacina QuoyaAbout the Instructor Jill Lacina

Jill has been practicing Qoya since 2013 when a retreat to Costa Rica set her on the path of using movement as a way to tap into her inner wisdom. ​Qoya is a movement practice for women that invites them to come home to themselves. That through movement, we remember our essence as Wise, Wild and Free.​ Through movement, we learn to trust ourselves…to tap into our own inner wisdom.

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